Alternative Printing

Historic printing techniques are a beautiful analog way to add personal expression to visual communication. Made start-to-finish by the artist’s hand, they complete the “Camera, Negative, Print” process in a way that demands acknowledgement as a true, fine art form.

Through years of printing my own images and the images of others, I have gained a working knowledge of the following photographic printing techniques:

Gelatin Silver printing (Traditional darkroom)

Analog Prints from digital negatives (notes)

Cyanotype printing (notes)

Cyanotype on glass

Van Dyke Brown printing (notes)

Salted paper printing (notes)

Carbon printing (notes)

Gum Bichromate printing

Tri-color Gum Bichromate printing (notes)

Gumoil printing

Lumen printing

Anthotype printing


Large Format Paper Positives (notes)

Bromoil Printing (notes)

Bromoil Transfers



Gold Toned Kallitype

Selenium toned silver prints (notes)

Solarplate intaglio printing (notes)

Wet Plate Collodion – Ambrotypes (notes)

Ziatype -A palladium process (notes)

Ink Jet Transfers

Slitscan Photography

Associated Techniques:

Using a view camera to create large format negatives

Creating large format digital negatives for contact printing

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