Basil Tahan

paper negative043

Basil Tahan is an artist and educator who is passionate about life and views every waking moment as a unique, special gift. He has lived, traveled and worked as an educator and photographer in The United States, Costa Rica, Mexico, England, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Dubai, Burma, Laos, Taipei, Cambodia and Thailand. He values looking and listening and feels grateful to have had his eyes and mind opened to nature and the human condition. His interactions with myriad cultures, lands and people he has met along the way have left him open and understanding with a deep love of life. He is most grateful to his parents for starting him along his life path in the right direction and giving him the freedom to become who he is today. He is currently practicing, learning and teaching photography in Bangkok, Thailand.

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