Working Projects

Ideas ideas ideas

“Automated” – “No Free Will Here” or “Random Acts of Free Will”.  Random locations (map grid) and directions (3 axis) chosen by a computer. 15mm lens. Auto focus. Auto metering. (attempted and failed once in Chinatown, Bangkok)

Large format projections – large format lens and 45 degree mirror projecting image in “tent” onto pavement. Photographed with digital camera.

Flash exposed gelatin silver photograms to capture motion. Swimming fish.

Large format fish lumen prints. (skin, other skins?)

Multidimensional Slit Scans.

Swarms. (forks and knives, stories, backgrounds)

Mirror balls and crystals.

Spring doodles.


Language. Codes. DNA.

Dehumanization through technology.

Thailand food carts. Recipes. Biographies.

Inspired by Noam Chomsky nuclear, climate endgame vs corporate stupidity.

Mirror on easel social dichotomy.

Ultra Large Format room camera with studio flash and digital capture

Digital Photograms on light box

“Choices” – Series with doors and stairways or hallways. Inspired by Polidori’s photograph “La Guarida Restaurant”.

People under stuff. People on top of stuff.

Plato’s rainbow cave – Objects shadows (only) from multiple gelled flashed – 3D to 2D – truth is beyond the senses

“Craters” – macro photographs of impacts into flour or powder sifted into landscapes with horizons

Wetplates made in camera from large positive prints

Contact print wetplates made from digital inkjet positives under an enlarger (f8 @ 10 seconds has worked)

Argyrotype process – Just need to source Silver Oxide and Sulphamic acid

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